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Best Bass Fishing Lure Color Nobody Uses

best bass fishing lure color nobody uses. brown with grey belly 3 hook pre rigged rubber worm lure

I will be brutally honest about owning a fishing lure company. You have to catch fisherman to grow a bait making business, but you have to catch fish to keep it running. Many lure companies have come and gone, but DeLong has been around since 1946! My years owning this business have helped me learn about how to catch fisherman and fish from a lot of old timers. What catches fish, and what catches fisherman are not the same. Here is a pro tip on the best bass fishing lure color that will help you catch more fish.

There are many types of fishing lures and most of them will work in some place at some time in some color. Learning how and when to use each lure is important to catching fish. Some colors are better than others depending on the weather. While most colors have a specific time and place, one stands above them all! It is the least purchased color I have outside of the 65+ crowd. The ugliest color of all, brown with a grey belly. The 3 hook worm is the most used, but its also available in weedless.

best bass fishing lure color. brown with grey belly worm 3 hook pre rigged worm lure.
first cast on my brown with a grey belly worm

Many people want the bright shinny colors that grab attention on social media. Brown with a grey belly pre rigged worms are the best bass fishing lure color to have in your tackle box anytime of year. While these worms are ugly, so are worms. Everyone should have these worms in there tackle box for the next trip to the lake or pond.

Ask any old timer if they have used the DeLong 3 hook worm. They will tell you the brown with a grey belly worm is the best bass fishing lure color nobody buys! They will probably even mention purple worm fishing. The guys that have been fishing for 50+ years know what they are talking about.

I get multiple calls each day from old timers asking if I have these lures. Customers tell me over and over that it is the best bass fishing lure color nobody uses! I took it out shortly after I bought the business because I noticed only the older generation would buy it. On my first cast I pulled out a 2 pound bass!

I wish I could tell people the best bass fishing lure color was something more flashy. I would probably sell more lures. The truth is if I only had one bass fishing lure color to use it would be brown with a grey belly.