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How Delong Medium Tadpoles Can Help You Catch More Crappie This Early Season

Introduction: If you’re an avid crappie fisherman, you know that early season fishing can be a challenge. As the water temperatures start to warm up and the crappie begin to move into shallower waters, it can be tough to find the right bait to attract these elusive fish. That’s where the Delong Medium Tadpole comes […]

6 Beginner Tips To Catching Musky

1. Use the right gear: Musky fishing requires heavy-duty rods and reels, along with large and heavy lures. If you’re looking to catch musky, you’ll need a heavy gear setup. A 7-9 foot medium-heavy to heavy rod is ideal, paired with a powerful reel capable of handling a high-pound test line. A net is also […]