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6″ Weedless KILR Worm

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The 6″ weedless KILR WORM was the first ever soft plastic fishing lure made by David DeLong in 1946! We used these in high school and they worked so well when we could not find them anymore we contacted the owner and bought the entire company!!! Pre rigged worms have been used successfully for over 75 years and there is a reason they are still used today! KISS Keep It Simple Stupid! Fish love to eat worms and this is the bait that started it all. buy a piece of fishing history with the DeLong 6″ weedless KILR worm!

  • Ready to fish pre rigged lure
  • Hand tied internal rig made with braided Kevlar line!
  • Hand poured lure makes them last 10X longer than standard lures
  • Two 2/0 hooks molded in so when a fish hits odds are high he will be solidly hooked!
  • Did you know fish smell better in the water than humans do in the air? That’s why our lures have scent mixed directly into the lure so the smell lasts longer attracting more fish!
  • We go the extra mile in every step of the lure making process with the goal of earning you as a lifetime customer!
  • For our Canadian friends we go the extra Kilometer, witch isn’t as far, but we will do anything to not use the metric system!
  • Made in America since 1946!

Value 5-Pack comes with one of each five colors: Black, Green Pumpkin, Pumpkinseed, Red Bug, and Firetiger.