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16″ Weedless KILR Worm

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The 16″ Weedless KILR WORM gives you a big bait to catch big fish! This is the most ridiculously big pre rigged worm on the market today, double the size of any other pre rigged worms! There is nothing else like this out there and you will be glad you have some in your tackle box! Fish eat snakes and this is a snake with hooks. When big bass are looking for snakes to eat in the heat of the summer these work great! Its also great when big bass want a big meal to fatten up before the spawn or the winter! We go above and beyond in every step of the lure making process with the goal of earning you as a lifetime customer!

  • Ready to fish pre rigged lure
  • Hand tied internal rig made with 40lb braded Kevlar line so this bait will last!
  • Hand poured lure makes them last 10X longer than standard lures
  • two 4/0 hooks in front and one 3/0 hook in the back so when a fish hits odds are high he will be solidly hooked!
  • Did you know fish smell better in the water than humans do in the air? Our lures have scent mixed directly into the lure so the smell lasts longer attracting more fish!
  • Made in America since 1946!