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10″ Weedless Twist Tail KILR Worms

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The 10″ Weedless Twister Tail worm is great for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pike and many other species of fish! DeLong Lures are always hand poured, hand tied Kevlar rigs, made in America, with anise scent mixed directly into the plastic. We go above and beyond in every step of the lure making process to help you get more for your money, catch more fish, and earn life long customers!

  • Easy to use pre-rigged fishing lure. Just tie on a swivel, clip it on, cast, and hang on!!!
  • Use this lure with a swivel to avoid line twist. if fishing deeper water put a small split shot weight 16″ up your line for maximum effectiveness
  • Hand tied internal rig made with 40lb braded Kevlar line. Kevlar line is thinner to allow more action and stronger than normal braded line. That is why Kevlar is used to make bullet proof vests, and why we use it to make these lures last longer than any other pre rigged fishing lure on the market today!
  • Hand poured lure makes them last 12X longer than standard lures
  • two 2/0 weedless hooks so when a fish hits odds are high he will be solidly hooked!
  • Did you know fish smell better in the water than humans do in the air? Our lures have scent mixed directly into the lure so the smell lasts longer attracting more fish!
  • Made in America since 1946!