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3″ Medium Tadpole Weedless (2 Pack)

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Are there frogs where you fish? Then there are tadpoles and fish are eating them! This is the only tadpole lure on the market giving you an advantage over everyone else on the water. Work it as a jerk bait and watch the lure move like a real tadpole! be ready when working them to the shore because bass and crappie will come up quickly into the shallow water to grab them! If it looks like fish food, moves like fish food, smells like fish food, and feels like fish food, fish will eat it!

  • Ready to use pre rigged lure
  • One 2/0 weedless hook molded in for weedy ponds
  • Anise scent mixed directly into the plastic so it last longer and attracts more fish
  • Natural look and action. It looks like a tadpole that bass, perch, crappie walleye, and trout love to snack on!
  • We go the extra mile in every single step of the lure making process with the goal of earning you as a customer!
  • Proudly Made in America since 1946