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Large Dragonfly




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The Large Dragon Fly is so incredible as a top water bass lure. with a 4″ Wing span and measuring  3.5″ long, just throw it out and with your rod tip up bounce it across the top of the water. The wings will flutter and entice a strike from hungry bass. If you pause, the lure will slowly sink causing it to look like a dead dragonfly that is about to be fish food!

  • Ready to fish pre rigged lure
  • 3/0 Hook
  • Hand poured lure makes them last 10X longer than standard lures
  • Ultra sharp hook so when a fish hits odds are high he will be solidly hooked!
  • Did you know fish smell better in the water than humans do in the air? Our lures have scent mixed directly into the lure so the smell lasts longer attracting more fish!
  • We go the extra mile in every single step of the lure making process with the goal of earning you as a customer!
  • Made in America since 1946!