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Best Bass Fishing Lure Color Nobody Uses

best bass fishing lure color nobody uses. brown with grey belly 3 hook pre rigged rubber worm lure

I will be brutally honest about owning a fishing lure company. You have to catch fisherman to grow a bait making business, but you have to catch fish to keep it running. Many lure companies have come and gone, but DeLong has been around since 1946! My years owning this business have helped me learn […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Fishing with Kids: 6 Steps to a Memorable Outdoor Adventure

fishing with kids, kid with bass

Making Memories That Last a Lifetime Fishing with kids is not just about catching fish; it’s about creating lasting memories and fostering a connection with nature. By following these six steps and keeping the focus on fun and learning, you can introduce your child to the joys of fishing and instill a lifelong appreciation for […]