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Do Fish Fart?

Have you ever gone fishing with a pothead, and they asked you a stupid question you couldn’t get out of your head? Welcome to my week!

I was out fishing with a guy that will remain unnamed. His ability to catch copious amounts of fish is only surpassed by his ability to inhale high volumes of THC. While out fishing, he had a typical stoner question that I could not get out of my head. Do fish fart?

Laying in bed, I could not sleep as I wondered if fish fart, so here I am researching the topic for all of you. The definition of fart is to expel gas through the anus. The digestive gasses of fish are mostly consolidated with their feces and repelled in gelatinous tubes, which fish sometimes eat again. Basically, Fish do not fart without pooping. While they do fit the definition of a fart, they do not fart in the traditional sense of blowing butt bubbles. Still, they do expel gas out of their anus.

Some fish in the ocean do fart like humans, but most fish are similar to what I described above.

I hope this factoid is helpful the next time you are at a dinner party and start talking about fishing. It will make you a more interesting person to bring it up.