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Bumblebee (3 Pack)



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fish eat bugs, this is a bug with hooks!!! The bumblebee is made to replicate a wounded bee that has landed on the water. It has floating wings and regular soft plastic body with a size 6 hook as the stinger! Fish it by tying it directly only your line and casting it near panfish. be ready for bluegill and crappie to go crazy over getting it, but hold on because we have bass slamming these things from time to time!

  • We go the extra mile with every step of the lure making process to earn you as a lifetime customer!
  • ready to fish pre rigged lures with size 6 hook molded in.
  • Hand poured lures with strong plastic make them last 10X longer than standard lures
  • Did you know fish smell better in the water than humans do in the air?  Our lures have scent mixed directly into the lure so the smell lasts longer attracting more fish!
  • Proudly Made in America since 1946!